Success stories with Nupo

Dive into a collection of success stories that showcase the incredible weight loss journeys of our members.Whether you're looking for inspiration, tips on starting your own weight loss journey, or insights into the challenges and triumphs along the way, you'll find plenty to motivate and encourage you.

  • Anja Lenskjold

    Nupo Ambassador

    "Especially the classic Nupo Diet and Ready To Drink shakes are a hit with me, they replace breakfast which is very difficult for me to eat. Then I know I get the nutrition I should have."

    "Both during my weight loss and afterwards, I have used Nupo products, and I have used them on/off for at least 10 years. I have lost 50 kg and I have for long periods replaced one or two meals a day with a Nupo product.

    Now that I have to maintain the weight, I am still very happy to use Nupo for weight control. When I'm on the move, I always have Nupo with me, it's good for a little hunger, as a snack or after training."

  • Katrine Memborg

    Journalist and author

    After 10 weeks of willpower and determination, she achieved a remarkable transformation, losing a total of 18 kilos and reducing her waistline by 9 cm.

    Since journalist and author Katrine Memborg became a mum, she had struggled with her weight. So much so that she eventually didn't recognise herself physically or mentally. After 10 weeks of willpower and determination, she got back the body she felt at home in. On her Instagram profile @hitmedminkrop, Katrine, a journalist and author, has openly and honestly shared her experiences about her weight loss journey.

  • Trine Poulsen

    Nupo Ambassador

    "I admit that I was somewhat skeptical at first, as Nupo stood out to me as the 90s answer to "Quick-Fix", powdered food and slimming shakes with an aftertaste of whey - but I became wiser when I tasted some of Nupo's products. Nupo is something completely different, with a lot of exciting products. A tasty, nutritious, easy and quick solution after training.

    "My name is Trine - I am 34 and a happy everyday work-out enthusiast with a great passion for triathlon and strength training.

    When you train a lot, the body needs fuel. I use Nupo One Meals as a supplement to regular food and as an easy and delicious snack. I know that with a Nupo I give my body the best starting point to load up on both proteins, vitamins and minerals, which also helps me recover better and get me ready for the next training session.

  • Mia Sønderskov Olsen

    Nupo Ambassador

    I've been a fan of Nupo products for many years.
    I've happily eaten a bar for lunch, but I haven't been good at staying away from sweets in the evening.

    I was eating too many calories and gaining a lot of weight. So I got in touch with a diet counsellor through Nupo.
    They gave me a good diet plan with a lot of alternatives. I started my journey with Nupo in the summer of 2023 and have lost many trouser sizes since then.
    With Nupo, it's easy to count calories while knowing you're getting the right amount of protein and nutrients. I supplement mine every day with Nupo so I also get 'real' food. Not only is it easy to keep track of, but it's also easy to take with you on the go.
    Nupo is constantly evolving and produces new products on a regular basis. This also means that if you get tired of a certain product, there are plenty of others to choose from.

  • Karina Rasmussen

    Nupo Ambassador

    "I'm a big fan of Nupo products, I don't live 100% of Nupo products during the day, I use the products as a meal replacements when I just need to save a little calories and when I'm on the go. Nupo products have a good taste and satiate well.

    My name is Karina, 37 years old, I am married and we have a 14-year-old teenage daughter. We live in North Zealand.

    Everyday I go for walks, handing out advertisements/newspapers and struggling to lose weight, I have struggled for many years with excess weight, and last year I lost 20 kg, where unfortunately I gained a lot of it back. I'm not giving up on my weight loss, I'm taking the time it takes."