• Vegan meal replacement

    A hybrid product that you can shake with water, vegetable drink or milk.

  • All essential nutrients

    One Meal +Prime Vegan Powder contains all proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals you need in a meal.

  • Weight management

    A meal replacement for 1-2 your daily meals, which contains all the nutrition your body needs for about 200 kcal. per meal.

  • Natural sources

    Active ingredients from nature's own sources support your fat metabolism.

The Taste of One Meal +Prime? Nothing but indulgent and sinful?

One Meal +Prime Vegan Powder is a vegan meal replacement with a powerful blend of plant-based protein including all essential amino acids, 24 vitamins and high amount of fibers. The active ingredients from nature’s own sources support your fat metabolism and a successful weight loss. Are you looking to lose those love handles without compromising on nutrients, great taste, and the planet we care for?

Used as a meal replacement twice a day in the context of an energy-restricted diet, the One Meal +Prime vegan meal replacements contribute to weight loss.*

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The key ingredients

  • Kola Nut
    Supports body weight control.

  • Guarana
    Contributes to fat metabolism.

  • Chromium
    Helps maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.


  • Mix 60g ( 2 level scoops) with 300 ml of water
  • Shake well and enjoy


  • Mix 40 g (1 heaped scoops) with 300 ml of skimmed milk*
  • Shake well and enjoy

    *(0,1 fat) or vegetable drink** in shaker.
    **Energy content: 100-155 kJ24-37 kcal per 100 ml.

To you, who want

  • to have delicious low-calorie meal that you can carry everywhere.
  • to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.
  • to have a solution, with high fiber and protein content, for busy mornings and stressful days.
  • to have a nutritious low-calorie pre-and post-workout meal.
  • to maintain a weight loss o a healthy lifestyle.
  • Chocolate Bliss

    Rich chocolate flavour with all nutrients you need in a meal.

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  • Strawberry Love

    Creamy strawberry flavour packed with nutrients to fuel your busy lifestyle.

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Your One Meal Questions Answered

Can I use One Meal for training and exercise?

Absolutely! One Meal is packed with everything you need before or after exercise, to give your body the best conditions. One Meal is high in fiber and protein, packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need, and low in calories.

Can I use Nupo One Meal as a snack?

You can use One Meal whenever it fits into your daily routine, but you should be aware that One Meal is designed to replace one or two of your daily main meals and secures you all the nutrition needed in the main meal for only approx. 200 kcal.

In connection with diet, however, it is important to think about your daily calorie intake, and such you should be aware that adding One Meal as a snack or in-between meal, you will add approx. 200 kcal. to your daily calorie intake.

How many meals a day can I exchange with Nupo One Meal?

We recommend exchanging one of your daily main meals for weight control. Exchange two of your daily main meals for weight loss.

Is One Meal healthy?

Yes. One Meal has a nutritional composition that ensures that your body gets the best conditions for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

One Meal is rich in fiber and protein, packed with vitamins and minerals, and has low-calorie content, so you can enjoy your One Meal with a clear conscience.

Can I mix Nupo Diet and Nupo One Meal?

We do not recommend combining the two product lines, due to differences in nutritional values.
Nupo Diet is a full meal replacement whereas One Meal is a single meal replacement, and nutritional values are there for optimized to replace one or two main meals a day, and contains all the nutrition, i.e. Proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Even though the content of calories is approximately the same, if you exchange two sachets of Nupo Diet, with a One Meal product, the nutritional values are not the same, and when dieting, covering the basic needs for nutrition is highly important, to achieve the desired results.

Is it normal to get air in the stomach from One Meal?

Yes. Due to the high content of fiber, people who are not used to digest high amounts of fiber will experience air in the stomach for a period of time, until the body adapts to the high content of fiber.

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