Massi Fazli

Health Communicator, Massi Fazli

My name is Massi, and I have more than 12 years of experience as a clinical dietitian combined with an MBA from the USA.

As a Health Communicator at Nupo, my primary responsibility is to ensure product quality and provide guidance to professionals in hospitals, private medical practices, clinics, and municipalities regarding Nupo products.


My extensive experience spans across hospitals, municipalities, and private enterprises, where I have specialized in weight loss, gastric bypass, sleeve procedures, counseling for eating disorders such as binge eating and malnutrition, as well as managing lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions. Over the years, I have helped countless individuals achieve successful lifestyle changes.

Fast, Safe, and Effective Progress

I chose to be a part of Nupo because of its impressive 40+ years of presence in the market and internationally recognized VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet) products. Nupo Diet is not only proven effective but also offers a fast, safe, and effective journey. I have personally used Nupo products for various purposes, from kickstarting weight loss to practical meal replacements.

My experiences have shown that Nupo products are extremely versatile and cater to all preferences. In addition to supporting weight loss, they have proven effective for irritable bowel syndrome and blood sugar fluctuations. The results speak for themselves year after year, and Nupo's products are not just a temporary tool but rather a means to change habits and achieve long-lasting results.

My Philosophy: Easy, Manageable, and Understandable Dietary Changes

My approach to dietary changes is characterized by a philosophy that it should be easy, manageable, and understandable. The goal is to achieve satiety, great energy, and minimal impact on blood sugar levels. I am passionate about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle and a relaxed attitude towards health, food, and body by guiding them to change inappropriate habits to more suitable ones that can be maintained.

I look forward to being your support on the journey to health and well-being with Nupo.

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